Career Guidance And Profiling Test

YOU are accountable for your own career! That is why the earlier you start on your career planning, the more prepared you will be for your career and the higher the possibility of landing your dream job.

WHAT is Career Planning?

Career Planning is consciously taking advantage of development opportunities to achieve career fit.

WHY do I need Career Planning?

Responsibility in managing one's own career contributes to self-confidence. Career Planning will guide you to acquire the appropriate skills & develop your own talent to reach your fullest potential. It is also needful to help you stay competitive in this changing world and market conditions. Career Planning will finally get you "job-ready" upon completing your education.

WHEN do I need to start Career Planning?

As early in life the better especially those with special talent. When you are in Form 3 (Year 9) will be the most appropriate time to start thinking of your career. This is because in Malaysia, you will have to decide whether to enter Arts Stream or Science Stream in Form 4 (Year 10). This will be the most important decision you have to make which will sets your education and career direction.

HOW do I do Career Planning?

The first step to get started is to know your career interest.

Career Interest Profiling

Are you clear what courses to pursue for your higher education? Do you know your career interest? If you are still unsure or have no clue of what you are interested in, then do drop by and visit us at our office. We have a simple card game that will help you in identifying your career interest and education direction.

Contact Career Advisor: If you have any queries about your education or career direction, feel free to contact us


In the world of globalisation today, you will find that the choice to subjects and majors that you can study are wide and far ranging. Students today are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing what they want to pursue.

Many make the mistake of choosing some program which is not of their interest but those into which they have been pressured.

Courses make up the most important element in your career pathway. You will have a choice of taking a course with one major or a course which gives you a wider range and the option to combine majors giving you a better knowledge base which will help you to be more diversified thereby more marketable when you graduate.

Here are some guides to some of the courses that are available. Note that however, there are many more courses which are available either in Single Majors or in combination of Double Majors or Double Degrees such as Law and Commerce, Business with Science amongst others.

Accountancy Banking Education Hospitality Management Mass Communication Physiotheraphy
Acturial Science Bio-technology Engineering Information Technology Media Studies Professional Chef
Advertising Business Law Entrepreneurship International Business Medicine Property
Agricultural Technology Carpentry Environmental Studies Internet studies Mining Psychology
Agriculture Chiropatic Fashion and Textile Jewellery Design Multimedia Design Public Relations
Aquaculture Computer Science Film & Television Journalism Multimedia Design Sciences
Architecture Construction Management Finance Law Nanotechnology Social Studies
Arts & Design Dentistry Hair Dressing Librarianship Nursing Sports Administration
Automobile Technician Early Childhood Education Health Sciences Management Nurtition Surveying
Bakery Economics Horticulture Marketing Pharmacy Tourism Management